Boon Boona Coffee


Boon Boona Coffee was offered an opportunity to present in front of Microsoft to open another location on their campus. As a company, they wanted to present themselves in a way that showed they were more than just a coffee shop.


Boon Boona Coffee has many connections with other small businesses in the greater Seattle area and connections overseas. We created a video that showcased their product, highlighted ties with the community, and where the source of the coffee beans came from.

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Boon Boona is now planning to open two locations on Microsoft’s campus.

I have been fortunate enough to work with Osmosis Media over the course of three years on multiple projects, the reason I keep coming back is for the Team behind the camera and the results they produce through the camera. Osmosis Media takes the time to understand my vision and then tell our story through beautiful cinematography, storytelling, interviews and illustrations