Meet The Founder

Jamaal Jones led an impressive career as an athlete playing football at both the collegiate D1 division and professional level, playing for multiple NFL teams. Connecting his versatile background in athletics, he brings those experiences to his creative work as a director and media artist. Recently, he has founded a local creative business, Osmosis Media, to level the playing field with high-quality marketing and visual media for businesses in the Greater Seattle area. Drawing on Osmosis Media’s unique perspectives, he uses his vision as the main Videographer and Director of Media Outreach in partnership with Vault 89.

Collectively, Mr. Jones and his team have built multiple WA State and County Democratic campaign platforms for candidates of color. Further, these diverse videography efforts extend to transforming local small businesses, such as Boon Boona coffee.

In his journey to grow from past successes and strive to the highest standards of performance, Mr. Jones will continue to develop short films and media which showcase innovation and entrepreneurship across diverse communities.